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bridal makeup studio bridal beauty parlour in ludhiana punjab india


Your wedding day is your special moment, it is all about you and rightly so! We know how you plan each detail meticulously from your bridal outfit to your jewellery to your honeymoon and of course your hair and make-up. We come with years of professional bridal make-up experience and take pride in making brides become the best version of themselves. We leave no stone unturned to make you the bride of your dreams. Skin care, hair styling, draping of your outfit and many more tiny but essential details are taken into consideration with the support of our passionate and talented makeup artist. We ensure to stick to your vision and offer advice as when you require. And yes, we do it all with a spring in our step and a smile on our face. Contact Lotus Makeup Studio & Salon in Ludhiana for highest quality Bridal Makeup Services in Punjab.


hd makeup studio ladies women beauty parlour in ludhiana punjab india


Flawless, impeccable and photo shoot ready is what HD makeup is all about. high definition makeup gives the effect of smooth and clear skin sans the heaviness. HD makeup hides stubborn marks and blemishes giving your face full coverage with minimal residue. Lotus Makeup Studio & Salon, Ludhiana's trained make-up artist is an expert in this technique and you’ll be camera ready in no time!

Lotus Bridal Make up Studio specialises in Bridal, HD and Silicon makeup. It offers customised services in affordable packages and has already beautified countless brides for their most important occasion. The services of Lotus Makeup Studio & Salon will reach at your destination or venue, all you have to do is give them a call and see how the team transforms you into a gorgeous flawless beauty.


party makeup studio ladies women party makeup beauty parlour in ludhiana punjab india


Looking for party make-up at an affordable price? Then you are at the right place! Lotus Makeup Studio & Salon Ludhiana serves their clients with the help of our best makeup artists who can assist you with a terrific look at our beauty parlour. Our team of expert makeup artists make your every moment special by getting you loads of compliments for you radiant look, from hair to toe.

Now make heads turn in a party and cherish every moment there. It’s the one place that you can’t afford any compromises in your look. With our huge collection of beauty techniques, our professionals provide your preferred look which compliments your attire the best.

Trying to get the perfect party look? Whether you want to be glamorous yet subtle or you feel the need for complete drama, be spoilt for choice with our talented makeup artist. Contact Lotus Makeup Studio & Salon Ludhiana for Party Makeup Services.


manicure makeup studio ladies women manicure makeup beauty parlour in ludhiana punjab india


We offer a wide selection of luxury manicure and pedicure services in our salons, including award winning nail treatments. We specialise in filing and polishing, precision nail shaping, infills and advanced cuticle care. And once we have your nails in perfect condition, you can choose from our extensive range of shades and long-lasting gel finishes, carefully applied by our expert nail technicians. We also offer massage, moisturisation and skin rejuvenation treatments, for your hands and feet.


pedicure makeup studio ladies women pedicure makeup beauty parlour in ludhiana punjab india


Lotus Makeup Studio & Salon Ludhiana's specialist nail care treatments include infills, to cover any grooves and imperfections in your nails, filing and polishing, for a smooth, shiny finish, cuticle care, to remove any dry bits of skin, precision nail shaping and an extensive range of lacquer shades and gel finishes, for vivid, long-lasting colour.

We offer a range of luxury pedicure treatments including massage, foot scrubs, exfoliation, moisturisation and skin rejuvenation, to leave your feet feeling pampered and perfected.


girls hair cut studio ladies women hair cut beauty parlour in ludhiana punjab india


All of our expert stylists are trained in the latest cutting techniques and styles, so you’re guaranteed to look (and feel) fantastic by the time they’re finished with your hair. Our stylists are also well-versed in the latest trends, and have an instinctive understanding of hair and fashion.

Your hair cut stylist can discuss haircuts with you, styles and looks before heading to the chair.  We’ll then wash, cut, and style your hair using the finest hair-care products to ensure a truly one-of-a-kind finish. We’ll even talk you through the products and techniques that are needed to preserve your new style, and keep you looking salon-fresh for the next six weeks. Contact Lotus Makeup & Salon Ludhiana for your all Women/Ladies/Girls Hair Cut Services.


rebonding studio ladies women rebonding beauty parlour in ludhiana punjab india


Hair Smoothing

Get the best hair smoothing treatment in Ludhiana with best deals and discounts by Lotus Makeup Studio & Salon Ludhiana. if you have colored hair, sensitive hair or a sensitive scalp, We provide highly experienced hair salon professionals for your hair smoothing.

Hair Rebonding

If you are looking to make a sure-shot style statement with glossy, straight and smooth tresses that can make you look gorgeous, then the experts at our hair salon in Ludhiana can make your dream come true with the best possible quality of serums and lotions for rebonding and straitening your hair.

Hair Straightening

We can make your hair straight, smooth and manageable with the help of the beauty experts at our hair salon and a little straitening cream and serum magic, without damaging your hair roots or your scalp. Using hot irons, hair sprays, imported gels and creams to make your hair look sleek and stylish in Ludhiana, Punjab.

Hair Colouring and Streaks

Get the best global hair colour, color highlights, and root touch-ups services by certified professionals at our Hair Salon in Ludhiana, Punjab. We make you gorgeous by using the best hair color brands for your hair colouring needs.


waxing makeup studio ladies women waxing makeup beauty parlour in ludhiana punjab india


Waxing is always a part of the beauty industry that helps in obtaining and maintaining flawless skin. It is the removal of unwanted hair semi-permanently, and can be done on any outer part of the body, including the face. Apart from making the skin good-looking and smooth, waxing also helps in exfoliating the skin and effectively removing the layer of dead skin that accumulates over time.

If you want a soft, smooth, and younger-looking skin, just get a waxing at Lotus Makeup Studio & Salon Ludhiana. With the aim of providing you flawlessly smooth skin, that never shows a hint of ever having hair on it; our waxing experts pamper your skin with safe and long-lasting hair removal. We use the most suitable waxing techniques which result in minimum pain and discomfort. We understands that each person has different skin types; some with sensitive skin, some with dry skin, and others have oily skin. Our experts ensure to inspect the skin types before using an appropriate waxing technique.


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